As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15
The most influential building block in a good, moral, Godly society is the family.
In an age where morals are mocked, manhood is muted, womanhood is defined by independence and lies to youth are prevalent, it’s clear that our nation is in dire need of missionaries. Men and women with the right perspective, boldly and courageously calling for a revival of Godly principles in our nation, states, neighborhoods, schools, homes and most importantly, our own hearts.
Our desire is to equip, encourage and support families by stirring up a passion in their hearts for God’s Word, to give them hope and to inspire them to impact their communities for Christ!
Of all the hills you can choose to die on, your legacy is your most important investment.
There is strength in numbers and this network means you’re not alone!
The best part of a national revival is the testimony it gives to the rest of the world.
Reason & Experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of Religious Principle
George Washington
that will strengthen your family or group of families to help you make a successful impact in the community where God has placed you!
Your greatest achievement as a parent will be to see your children growing in their own relationship with the living Creator. We designed the FAMPLIFY Bible platform to help you do exactly that in a way that fills your entire family with awe!
Families receive great, weekly, age appropriate Bible Study Material. Each study is delivered on all of your devices and includes animated graphics, character cards, memory verses, life application questions and object lessons.
Church & Host Groups can encourage and inspire their families to do Family Hangouts that match their church message/teaching series. Easily distribute curriculum to teachers and families designed with a “How-To-Teach” format for the classroom and small group! Organize your families and keep them within arms reach throughout the week.
As a husband, father or grown man God has made you the leader of many things. CRAFTSMEN will help you be the leader God had you born to be and show you how the JOY of the Lord can be your strength... Plus, it’s the only MANthly devotional that’ll make your wife swoon, IT’S OUR GUARANTEE.
As a wife and mother God has trusted you with many things. We’ve developed a weekly devotional app that makes investing in the most important things in your life easy and fun... on YOUR schedule. Motherhood is busy, we’re here to help! FAITH FULL will keep you in arms reach of your husband, kids, friends and most importantly your source of strength, your King.
The time to decide on the course your life’s journey is going to take is as a young adult. So many, today, pursue adventure by binge-drinking, partner hopping and worse. ALTITUDE ACADEMY raises the bar by highlighting those that find adventure through confidence, faith and discipline.
Using GoPro’s and Youtube we chronicle these adventurers... like backpacking through Europe with the same budget you might have otherwise spent on booze during a college career. THE BEST PART... we want YOU to let us pay for your adventure!
Daniel Sidler
I’m Daniel, a husband and father of three

and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably feared for the world your kids are going to grow up in! You might have even prayed for a revival! You’ve also probably wanted to do something about it but thought to yourself “What difference can one person really make!?”

That’s why Joshua Initiative exists, to tell you that YOUR voice matters. To encourage and help you lead your family in a way that makes other families want to know the reason for your hope!

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